Hollywood Beach has a personality all its own.  On weekends this beach community transforms from a sleepy little surf spot to a bustling destination.  One of the draws on this beach is Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut.  It is a place where locals and visitors come to enjoy wonderful breakfast and lunches.  On any Sunday a passer-by will see crowds of beach goers standing and sitting outside, enjoying the sound of the waves, talking, laughing and of course, waiting to fill up on some of Ventura County's best breakfast food.  Parking is a premium and discouraged patrons often drive in circles waiting for a parking spot to open.

In January, Mrs. Olson's will be moving to the harbor where Chuy's and Flip Flops used to be.  With views of the harbor, the additional parking and larger space will allow more people to enjoy the ambiance that only Mrs. Olson's can offer.

To take its place, Hollywood Beach Cafe will be opening.  In need of a face lift, the property will be going through a few changes for the better.  It will get a long needed scrubbing,  the addition of air conditioning and heating and anything else that is required by the county.  Hollywood Beach Cafe will be open similar hours and offer wonderful breakfast and lunches.  Dinners are a possibility during the summer months.  With an effort to not change the huge portions, incredible vibe and great food, Hollywood Beach Cafe will be serving up local favorites.