If you know me, you know that I am married to a commercial diver.  Did you know that the Channel Islands offers the best UNI in the world?   Currently, there are approximately 300 licensed Urchin Divers in the state of California.  It is a closed fishery and to get into it  there is a "lottery".  If you have ever visited Channel Island Marina in the evenings you may have seen boats filled with Sea Urchins unloading to a large truck.   When the boats come in to unload a large crane lifts the Sea Urchins off the boat and drops them into large bins.  The bins get loaded into the truck and the truck takes the Sea Urchins to a "plant" where they remove the roe and pack it into trays for export to Japan and local Sushi bars.  Diving for Sea Urchins is very hard and very complex.   Here is a video that showcases what my husband does in a day's work!    Just click on this link: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=77A0B4BF93E2BE0F!1344&authkey=!ANCx6aUzk3CIFZ4&ithint=video%2cMP4